If you have a desktop site which is not responsive or mobile compatible this plugin would do the job for you and your mobile visitors. It’ll show a beautiful and well-designed mobile theme to only mobile visitors without modifying the code of your regular theme.


Buy Now($19)


  • Custom Menus/Navigation – Fully compatible with WordPress custom menus. Use an existing menu or assign newly created menu for your mobile theme.
  • Set a custom homepage for mobile visitors or by default use WordPress reading options
  • Change mobile theme Logo
  • Change mobile homepage Subtitle text
  • Can change themes or create new mobile theme easily.
  • Can Enable/Disable mobile mode.
  • Can change theme footer text
  • Can change Switch To Desktop Text
  • Can change Switch To Mobile Text

Premium Features

  • iPad and other tablets support
  • Lightweight, fast and beautiful minimalist theme with support for theme settings and widgets – Tiny love for bloggers – Demo
  • Mobile only shortcode, Shows content inside it only on mobile devices.
  • Guaranteed Support 24/7

Buy Now($19)

12 thoughts on “WordPress Mobile Plugin

  1. George Bowser
    January 4, 2014

    Do I have to purchase both plugins to get all of the features or just purchase the PREMIUM version only to get both? Thanks again.

  2. John
    April 16, 2014

    I take it the “Pro” Mobile version is $19. What would be your charge to install this on my WordPress site? ??

    • Muneeb
      April 18, 2014

      There are no charges, If you are having difficulties in installing the plugin I would do it on your site for free.

  3. ljmac
    April 24, 2014

    Hi. I’ve just started using this plug-in – as I said in my review on WordPress.org, it’s the only WordPress mobile theme I’ve found that actually works properly (I’ve given it a plug on my very popular blog too, so hopefully that should generate some extra interest for you – it took many months for me to find your plug-in myself). Anyway, I am definitely interested in the premium version, but have a few questions first:

    1) Like every other mobile theme I’ve tried, comments don’t work on pages, even if they are enabled. Is it possible to get this working?

    2) I use Google Analyticator to inset Google Analytics code on all the pages of my site. I guess this works with pages in your mobile theme too? If not, then you definitely need to add the ability to insert the code directly.

    3) I guess the shortcode in the premium version would allow me to insert ad banners? How flexible is the placement of the shortcode?

    4) In your demo, the Tiny theme doesn’t appear to support images on the home page, but this is something I definitely want, and is supported by Thoughts. Does Tiny support images on the home page or not?

    • Muneeb
      April 25, 2014

      If Google Analyticator use standard wp hooks to add code inside WP themes then it’ll also work with the mobile plugin themes.

      You can add shortcode anywhere inside the page or post content.

      The tiny theme does not support header image or logo as the thought theme does but with the use of custom mobile homepage you can add images on the homepage.

      Please double check again the comments should be working on mobile themes, if not let me know your site url where it’s not working and I’ll fix the issue.

      • ljmac
        April 25, 2014

        Hi Muneeb,

        There appears to be a couple of misunderstandings:

        1) Comments work perfectly on posts, but they don’t work on pages, even if comments are enabled on those pages.

        2) By images, I meant images in the posts themselves (not the header). Thoughts displays them on the home page (which I want), but in your demo, Tiny doesn’t. Is this a limitation of Tiny, or just the way it’s set up in your demo?

          • ljmac
            April 29, 2014

            Yes, but does Tiny support images within posts *on the front page*?

            And what about comments on pages? Are you intending to get them working? Once again, I *don’t* mean posts – they work perfectly. They just don’t work on pages.

          • Muneeb
            April 29, 2014

            Yes the tiny theme does support images on the frontpage.

            The comments on page will work on Tiny theme I added the comments code on the page template files. The comments on the pages are working properly now.

  4. Leenabee
    June 5, 2014

    Can the Pro version change the font color for links within pages?

    • Muneeb
      June 6, 2014

      Yes, It can. You can use the shortcode provided in the pro version to add custom css to your pages.

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