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Premium Features

  • Create unlimited popups
  • Can create link popups which trigger popup after clicking on a link or image
  • Show popup only for posts in a specific category.
  • Associate Popups with specific Categories
  • Associate Popups with specific posts or pages
  • HTML theme use it to add any kind of valid HTML code like videos, images etc in the popup also WordPress shortcodes are supported.

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Show Popup when your content is being read.

This is one of the most useful feature and benefit of this plugin is that you can control when the popup should appear, this will show how engaged the visitor is to your site. There is an option in the plugin, which if selected, will only show the popup to the visitor when they are at the end of the post/page content. If you wish to show the popup, when the reader is in the middle of the content, use a simple short code. Just insert it anywhere and the popup will appear when the reader will reach that spot.

Options & Settings

You can configure your popup with the options provided. Like if you wish to change the mask or overlay color, there is an option. If you want to show the popup only to logged in users then there is an option as well. In the plugin there are other dozens of options too which you can use to create unique popups as per your need.

Show Popup only when needed

There is an option in the plugin which will let you control when you wish to show the popup. Show the popup after user has visited your site 5 times or on the first visit, but after 30 seconds or you can change the value.

Exit Popup

Best and another way to convert a visitor, who is leaving your site, is by showing him the popup and then ask for email or ask them to like your Facebook page.

Popup Themes & Styles

In the WordPress Popup plugin you'll find themes as the first class citizen and building blocks of the plugin. We have created a system so easy that with little coding knowledge you'll be able to create your own custom themes. But not everyone wants to code. They want an elegant and easy to use experience so we have created 5 beautiful themes with subscriber forms we have also created the HTML theme as the name suggests by using WordPress visual and HTML editor you'll be able to insert any kind of valid HTML content inside the popup.

Email Marketing Services Supported

AweberMailchimpCampaign MonitoriContact

Some of the problems this plugin can solve.

  1. I'm a blogger and I only want to show the popup to my readers when they are the end of a post or page content – Yes you can by using this plugin.
  2. I just want to show any kind of valid HTML content like Videos, Ebooks, Images, WordPress shortcodes etc inside the popup can I ? – Yes you can by using this plugin.
  3. I'm an independent Youtube video producer and I don't know coding but I wish to list my video only on the homepage of my site, so I can get more views – Yes you can by using this plugin.
  4. As an internet marketer, I need to grow my email list, so I can increase my subscriber count and reach and then market my company products to those subscribers – Yes you can by using this plugin.
  5. As an event organizer/manager, I need to promote the event and increase the ticket sales, so I can increase the company revenue, get bonus and get my work done on time – Yes you can by using this plugin.