Get premium version of the WordPress Slider plugin now and create beautiful and working responsive sliders.


  • Create unlimited sliders and a slider can have unlimited number of slides
  • Insert Sliders anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode
  • Modern Drag and drop interface for reordering slides
  • Flipbook skin, Create books, magazines,brochures etc and HTML slides are supported too.
  • HTML slide type use it to add any kind of valid HTML code like videos, images etc in the slide also WordPress shortcodes are supported.

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Testimonial and Reviews

Fantastic premium package. Very easy to handle, even for a Newbie.Great support.  Michalea

This Slider is really cool, it worked like a charm, i customized it even easy for my clients needs. I had a little problem with my page and the slider, but that problem got solved within a few minutes by the developer! Thanks again, I can only recommend that slider! :)daki2804

I've purchased over $100 in slider plugins from themeforest, and none of them worked right out of box like this one did. It's easy to use, smooth, and doesn't conflict with themes like 90% of the other sliders I've tried. It's simply the best I've worked with. Thank you guys for making my life easier! - Jeremy

Insert a slider anywhere on your site

After creating a slider you'll get a shortcode, then you can paste that code in your post or page content. You can paste at the exact place where you want to show that slider. If you want to show that slider somewhere else like header or footer, then you can simply use the easy PHP function provided by the plugin to insert the slider.

Options & Settings

Every slider is configurable with unique and different options. You can use dozens of available options to create truly beautiful and unique sliders according to your business or website requirements. Like, you can change the appearance or design of slider completely with just one click by using the option to change the skin or style of slider.

Instagram Support

Instagram is so popular nowadays yet its not so easy and  common nowadays  to show instagram images on your website or blog as a slider. It's actually a pain but this slider plugin has built-in support for instagram.


If the plugin doesn't work on your site and we'll not be able to resolve the issue, your money will be refunded without asking any questions. We are offering a lifetime support for our plugins if you have some issue even after a year, you'll be treated as new customer with full attention.

Slider Themes & Styles

In the WordPress Slider plugin you'll find themes as the first class citizen and building blocks of the plugin.  We have created an easy system as with little coding knowledge, you'll be able to  create your own custom themes. But everyone doesn't want to code, so we have created totally elegant and responsive skins with different designs for such users.